Eating well every day

One of the most important things for people is food.  Eating well everyday helps your health dramatically.  Developing healthy eating habits can prevent illness in the long run and keep you fit and active now.  So here are some key points in making eating well a habit. Plan your meals in advance.  Pick a time [...]

Week 5 – Try a new fruit

So winter is not usually the best time for this but I am really quite familiar with the fruit that is available in the summer. The winter has other interesting things like pomegranate and dragon fruit. Can you believe I bought pomegranate for the first time this past December… That is kind of sad. I [...]

The sugar fairy

Trick or treat! It’s that time of year again.  Halloween is just around the corner which means the sugar fairies across the world are preparing. Just what are the sugar fairies you may ask?  Well at our house, a few days after Halloween, a sugar fairy arrives and takes a BIG chunk of our kids [...]

The burger is better with butter

One summer afternoon Henry and I were sitting with friends enjoying a hamburger. We started discussing different recipes and I mentioned my favorite turkey burger.  My girlfriend’s eyes lit up. She is always on the look out for great “low-fat” recipes.  That quickly changed when I told her my secret ingredient – butter.  Butter added [...]

The economic benefit of sunshine

A recent news story got me all riled up.  It was a news story about the ontario government canceling vitamin d testing. This short sighted move got me thinking. What is the economic benefit of sunshine? As we approach the end of summer and the days are getting shorter our level of sun exposure is [...]