Eating well every day

One of the most important things for people is food.  Eating well everyday helps your health dramatically.  Developing healthy eating habits can prevent illness in the long run and keep you fit and active now.  So here are some key points in making eating well a habit. Plan your meals in advance.  Pick a time [...]

Week 6 – Measure your Waist to Hip Ratio

So how did last week’s challenge go. Did you try something you liked or was it more of an “interesting” experience. (As my kids say – it’s not my favorite….) This week the challenge is actually quite simple. Measure your waist to hip ratio. You may ask – now why would you want to do [...]

The sugar fairy

Trick or treat! It’s that time of year again.  Halloween is just around the corner which means the sugar fairies across the world are preparing. Just what are the sugar fairies you may ask?  Well at our house, a few days after Halloween, a sugar fairy arrives and takes a BIG chunk of our kids [...]