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Rise Up For Health has been an evolution. Tara Annesley ND first started working in Newmarket over 12 years ago. At that time she was working in a chiropractic wellness centre along with being the onsite naturopathic doctor for Telus. Finding her energy split between two locations she decided to leave Telus and just focus on building a family practice in Newmarket.  Through those years she worked with many different patients and conditions and found a real affection for working with families and pregnant women. Happily she continued with the wellness centre until the birth of her son. At that time she knew she needed to make a change.  Wanting to maintain some balance between home and work she set out on her own.  Rise Up For Health is what has evolved from that experience.

Always learning and adding to her knowledge base Tara has found that addressing the mind as well as the body can be extremely important in overall healing. Hypnosis was added to her “bag of tricks” and she will incorporate it into treatment plans as necessary.  Tara has a special interest in fertility, in particular unexplained infertility.  She is the first naturopathic doctor in Canada to incorporate Fertility by Hypnosis into an individualized fertility program. That along with acupuncture and herbal supplementation can help those looking to achieve pregnancy naturally.  For those undergoing IVF Fertility by Hypnosis can really make a difference with not only success but how you feel throughout the process.

Through this journey she has met and worked with many other health professionals in the York region area and is well respected for her gentle nature.

Rise Up For Health is here to listen and help guide you so you can achieve your goals.

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