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Henry Francisco

I’m the personal trainer for Rise Up For Health. Years ago, if anyone would have suggested I become a personal fitness trainer I would have laughed. This is because before 2006 I was living a sedentary life and I was overweight and miserable – just ask Tara. You may have heard many of my excuses: “I was born this way”, “I don’t have any time”, “It’s too hard”, and “I just can’t do it”. In 2006, I hurt my back during a business trip and I was out of commission for six months and then nearly another six months due to re-injury. It was an extremely difficult year for me and my family. I went to physiotherapy, and then had chiropractic, massage and acupuncture sessions for the entire period.

I found out that I had little core strength and no idea how to utilize it. It’s been several years since and I have learned a lot about physical and mental fitness, proper eating, and patience. I also found out that I loved physical activity and living a healthy lifestyle. I never realized it wasn’t how I was born, but how I was living that makes me the person that I am. And now, I can say I have never been more fit! With hard work, patience, sweat, and an open mind, I can overcome any limitation and that the current obstacles are just other challenges to overcome. Now I hope I can help you overcome any obstacle and with Tara’s help guide you to optimal health so you can live the life you desire!

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Newmarket, ON Canada