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One of the most important things for people is food.  Eating well everyday helps your health dramatically.  Developing healthy eating habits can prevent illness in the long run and keep you fit and active now.  So here are some key points in making eating well a habit.

  • Plan your meals in advance.  Pick a time and spend 1 hour planning your weekly meals.  If you really want to simplify set a weekly or 2 week plan and follow it.  (It’s Tuesday it must be chili..)  This really works especially for busy families.
  • Make a grocery list and stick to it.  After you have decided on your meals make your list.  This helps you save time and money by decreasing waste and excess.  It also decreases those impulse buys. (But Pringles are on sale… Sorry it’s not on the list).  For you techies out there (you know who I’m talking to) check out the groceries app for the iphone –   great for grocery lists as you can set your favourites and not have to write them down (or remember them) each week.  I love this.
  • Spend most of your time in the grocery store’s outer aisle. Load up on the fruits and vegetables.  The groceries app also organizes your list by category /aisle.  Inner aisles are full of the processed stuff.