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Personal Training

Genetics, old age, no time, no equipment, no motivation, and/or too expensive.  The list of excuses goes on and on.  There are many excuses not to keep fit or to keep active, but with today’s ever changing ideas on fitness and keeping fit, these excuses no longer apply.

With a certified, well educated, experienced personal trainer fitness for everyone is possible.  The days when a client was ordered what to do like an army recruit have long since past.  At Rise up for health, I take the client specific approach and really listen to what you’re asking for and create a program specifically for you.  Modifications to exercises for individuals with specific needs or concerns are appropriately addressed. We will create a FUN program that will efficiently and effectively allow you to reach your goals.  Ultimately, reaching your goal is what we at Rise up for health are interested in.  By finding out what really motivates you we can utilize that to bring out your best when your best is needed.

There are many choices of plans to ensure financially you can concentrate on the workout and not on the cost.  You will learn how to utilize the equipment around you, including your own body, to give you the best workout experience.  You will learn how to maximize your intensity so that you have the most effective workout within the time frame you can manage.

You can do all of this and all within the comforts of your own homeRise up for health will bring the “gym” to you.  All it takes is just two words which can be used for all of life’s challenges – “I will”.  Take control of your health and call Rise up for health to set up a free assessment and introductory workout.

Let us help guide you to optimal health so that you can live the life you desire.

Henry Francisco, Personal Trainer