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Stop Smoking

Stop smokingOne of the single best things you can do to improve your health is to stop smoking. The minute you stop smoking your body begins to cleanse itself of tobacco poisons. Within 20 minutes after quitting your blood pressure drops and your pulse rate drops.

After 8 hours your carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal and your oxygen levels increase to normal. It just gets better and better after that.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer related deaths for both men and women in Canada. The more you smoke and the longer you smoke the more you increase your risk of developing lung cancer.

What purpose could smoking really serve you? You know about the health implications and you know it is no longer a socially accepted habit so why do you keep doing it?

Perhaps because it is a habit that is locked into your subconscious mind. At one point in your life it did serve a purpose and your subconscious feels that it still does. It is very difficult to consciously change a habit. Your will power is working on a conscious level. Pushing you along, keeping you on track. Then something happens. An event, a trigger and you slide back into an old, comfortable, reassuring habit.

What if you could work to change that habit on a subconscious level – let it go, replace it with a new one that better serves your current needs?

That is what our stop smoking program helps you to do.
We support your physical body – to eliminate the nicotine and minimize cravings during the physical withdrawal period. But more importantly we support changing the habit on a deeper level to help you with the psychological addiction. The body and the mind together can do amazing things!

We offer a five session program incorporating nutrition, acupuncture and hypnosis.
Session 1 – Initial Naturopathic Assessment to discuss goals and quit date with the stop smoking contract. Also an initial hypnosis session. (1.5 hours)
Session 2, 3, 4 – Acupuncture for cravings and hypnosis (1 hour each session). The first 2 sessions are within the week and the 4th is one week later.
Session 5 – Hypnosis for being a non-smoker.
All sessions include reinforcement CDs to support your success.

If you are ready to stop smoking and make a change for the better give us a call (905) 836-2723 or book an an appointment today.