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Sometimes you need an external push. I have been wanting to update my website but couldn’t seem to find the motivation. When I got the notice about the name change it was the external push I needed. Now I needed to change the website. As I started making changes I began to get excited I could see the potential in the new site and it motivated me to keep working on it. Sometimes motivation works like that. Sometimes an external push can start you in the right direction but you need to look within to keep going.

This is a lot like when you come in for a naturopathic visit. It is my job to gather information and present you a plan of action. The next part is to actually persuade you to follow that course of action. Now usually because you have come to me you are open to trying something new so my job is not that difficult. Your job is to decide whether you will accept or reject the plan. I know that if you start to follow the plan you will start to feel better and that will help you find your internal motivation. I provide you with the external push – the reason and the way to move out of your comfort zone. It is up to you to look within and find your internal motivation to keep going.

For those that know me I love discussions. I like people to think about things and this blog is a way for me to stimulate some of these ideas. It’s a great way to pass along information and ideas that we may not always get to in an individual visit.