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So winter is not usually the best time for this but I am really quite familiar with the fruit that is available in the summer. The winter has other interesting things like pomegranate and dragon fruit. Can you believe I bought pomegranate for the first time this past December… That is kind of sad. I had tried the juice but not eaten the actual seeds. Now it is one of my son’s favorite fruits. It was quite fun to cut it, open and see all the seeds. Since I had not had one before I actually needed to look online to see how to peel it…

Pomegranates are full of antioxidants and vitamin C and have an interesting sweet, tangy taste. Who knew? (Apparently lots of people – just not me….) You see we get stuck in the rut of eating the familiar, things we grew up with. For many, unless you have to make a change, it is hard to go and try new things. (Millet anyone…?) So that is my challenge to you this week – go and try a new fruit. Then make a comment below and let us know what you tried and how it was. Let’s learn from each other!

I want to try dragon fruit – I will let you know how it is next week.

Welcome to the year of the rabbit!